At Havenvest, our investment approach follows five key principles.

Disciplined and conservative:

This investment approach produces the best risk-adjusted return. We do not apply leverage in making investments. Our goal is to invest in good companies with strong management teams.

Deal creation:

Given our market profile, we generate a healthy pipeline of deal flow. Therefore, most of our investments to date have arisen from non-competitive situations or limited auction processes.

Value-added investing:

Havenvest takes a partnership approach to each deal. We seek to add value both strategically and operationally. Our investment professionals spend a significant amount of time working with portfolio companies to facilitate the implementation of effective operational and marketing strategies.

Alignment with management:

High-quality management is the key to any successful investment. Our approach is to establish a close collaborative working relationship with the management team. We encourage an open and transparent relationship with the team. Our goal is not to interfere with daily management activities but rather to provide strategic and financial support on key business decisions.

Delivery of superior returns:

The objective of any investment is to deliver superior investor returns. Havenvest strives to drive returns through controllable improvements and business transformation. When determining an investment realisation strategy, we give primary consideration to the return of invested capital from the internally generated cash flow of the business, such that the eventual total return of capital to investors does not rely solely on a milestone exit event. This strategy is articulated to key business stakeholders at the outset to ensure that we share a common mind-set and agenda.