As a critical aspect of its fiduciary responsibility, Havenvest pays particular attention to both its internal and external compliance.

The compliance function at Havenvest is led by the Compliance Officer, who reports directly to the Board's Audit Committee. The Compliance Officer regulary monitors specific documented policies and procedures against the Board's business standards in accordance with the necessary regulatory requirements. The Compliance Officer is also responsible for training all Havenvest staff to ensure awareness and compliance with all of the requisite regulations.

Havenvest is required to comply with the regulations and laws administered by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”), the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (“BVI”) and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

Havenvest voluntarily acknowledges the principles set out by Hawkamah, the DFSA's institute for corporate governance, which provide policy advice to firms on corporate governance codes and practices.

Havenvest also acknowledges the principles developed by the International Limited Partners Association. The Fund Partnership Agreement, which governs the Havenvest funds, incorporates several of the principles that constitute best practice for private equity firms.

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