Havenvest drives value in investee companies by collaborating with its stakeholders on operational performance initiatives.

Havenvest makes long-term investments in companies that have the objective of transforming their performance and driving sustainable growth. The firm’s principal investment focus is to take stakes in companies operating in the Middle East, particularly in the Gulf Cooperation Council (“GCC”) countries.

The companies we invest in typically have an established, sustainable and profitable business model, along with the opportunity to grow revenue and profits. However, they also operate under specific financial and structural circumstances that curtail growth. We believe that a period of private equity ownership can be an effective way to strengthen these companies’ long-term prospects and help them reach their full potential.

Our investment strategy is the result of an exclusive and consistent focus on the MENA region, and the GCC in particular. Our investment professionals, with their wide range of backgrounds, have the expertise and experience to support the fund’s investments and to help portfolio companies realise their growth objectives.

Havenvest brings a combination of regional familiarity and expertise, investment knowledge, network and capital to provide real benefits to businesses as they seek to grow and thrive.

Investment Criteria

We are sector-agnostic; we believe that different sectors offer specific opportunities during different stages of the business cycle. We employ a combination of top-down research and bottom-up analysis when identifying compelling investment opportunities.

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Investment Approach

At Havenvest, our investment approach follows five key principles: Disciplined and conservative, Deal creation, Value-added investing, Alignment with management & Delivery of superior returns.

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Investment Type

At Havenvest, we typically invest in companies with an enterprise value from US$25 million to US$200 million and will seek to have controlling or influential minority investor positions in the investments made.

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